Marc Juneau, LMT

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Marc B Juneau

Web Developer, Licensed Massage Therapist in Denver Colorado, Innovator, Technology Consultant, WordPress Developer
Marc B Juneau

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My career and life experiences have led me to many industries and career skill sets from organizational administration and management to Software/Web Development & Technology Consulting to Licensed Massage Therapy to catering in 5 star hotels to Cooking in commercial kitchens to tending bar at special events to A/V and technology setups for conferences and festivals.

From 2004 through 2016 I ran a web development agency in New Orleans servicing small and medium businesses with everything from brand development to technical marketing to website production.

From 2017 – 2022 in both the Florida and Colorado Markets I worked as a massage therapist specializing in NMT, AIS, Myofascial, Deep Tissue, Swedish and as well representing the industry at the state level via an elected position within the Florida and Colorado state Chapters of the American Massage Therapy Association where I not only managed a 5000 member state chapter but also hosted classes for therapist to gain CEU’s.

Throughout my entire career I have worked in in everything from office administration to managing event production and food service in multiple roles from Sous Chef of a Brazilian taco shop in Destin Florida to AV setups for conferences and meetings in New Orleans.

For the latter half of 2022 I worked at multiple Renaissance Faires around the country in roles from Kitchen work to Site Krewe to Leather production and Retail Sales.

Currently I am seeking a position in the community of Whidbey Island where I reside to be closer to my sister Jeanne Juneau.


Marc Juneau, LMT
Technology & Business Development Consultant
Licensed Massage Therapist
FL LMT License # MA85968
CO LMT License # MT.0022170


12/2018 - 5/2019

Licensed Massage Therapist / Trainer

Soundarya Spa

Performed 1hr, 1.5 hour and 2hr (for select guests) appointments. Developed a small clientele at the spa who came for sports assistance and stretching. Trained new therapists & managed marketing efforts. Performed Hot Stone and Himalayan hot stone services, hand foot and back salt scrubs, up-sold PEMF and Halo Generator (Salt Room Services) regularly .

15 September, 2017 - PRESENT

Massage Therapist

Massage Envy

Destin, Florida, Pensacola, Florida, Boca Raton, Florida Performs 1hr, 1.5 hour and 2hr (for select guests) appointments. Developed a small clientele at the spa who came for sports assistance and stretching. Completed all published training units for massage envy in their online training system (MEU).

8/2017 - 8/2018

Licensed Massage Therapist

The Pearl Resort / St Joe Club and Resort

Maintained customer relations as a massage therapist with executive level and notable guests at an exclusive spa/resort. Performed Half Hour, 1hr, 1.5 hour and 2hr (for select guests) appointments. Throughout employment at spa pearl developed notoriety at the spa as the therapist for athletic and those seeking deep tissue therapy at the resort utilizing the skill set of advanced stretching techniques for young and elderly clients alike. Performed and sold alternative services such as Hot Stones, Joint and Pain Relief, Aroma Therapy Full body scrubs and Exfoliations.

10/2004 - 8/2016


NOLAGraphics Website Design and Development

As Owner/Developer of this company I developed many different WordPress website sites and you can see most of them in my web portfolio at It was necessary to not only wear many hats but also work under pressure, and consistently deliver projects on-time. Through this excellent communication skills and project management skills developed and have been required to maintain excellence. Other responsibilities included preparing bids and software specifications, creating, updating and maintaining multiple web sites via WordPress, PHP/MySQL web programming, script installations, Designing graphics, logos and animation for websites, and even mitigated collaboration with different content providers. In addition to these skills overseeing and driving day-to-day website & server maintenance, Creating processes for posting content to individual websites, ensuring web site quality, performance and reliability. In 2016 The business was sold. Some sites I created noteworthy to mention:
1. Boos Navarre Consulting Engineers –
2. The Louisiana Judicial College -
3. International Drug Detection –
4. Bruce Baltz, LMT/AIS Instructor

4/2014 - 6/2015

Senior Developer

Imaginal Marketing

With a specific focus on the AVEDA salon market I was hired to assist with website tech with regards to maintaining and creating new salon-based websites for their specific salon vertical. Email campaign management in Demand Force, Mailchimp and Constant contact was also maintained for clients. As Senior developer I would work closely with the graphic design staff and branding managers to ensure the clients brand was maintained through-out the project.

10/2007 - 7/2008

Interactive Developer

The Netcom Group

Netcom created this position as a hybrid between the Creative and technical departments. I was responsible for application customization and W3C Template creation. As part of the team I worked daily on sites such as
All of these sites have very strict branding and style guidelines within which to follow for regards to style, branding and delivery of content to ensure a consistent look and feel over a site with 1000's of pages.

03/2007 - 10/2007

Web Developer

Compucast Interactive

Compucast Web Design is a full-service internet design and marketing firm. As a Web Developer for Compucast I led the team in introducing W3C Standards in web design to the company. Researched and acquired open source PHP/MySQL software to be used to our advantage to accomplish meeting the clients needs.

1/2006 - 1/2007

Double Agent, DA Lead


Supervise and manage other in-home field agents. Provide a high level of customer service and interactivity for businesses and individuals. Solve impromptu technical and people problems in a limited time frame. Keep abreast on new technology trends, problems, and resolutions. Maintain and develop labor and revenue budgets. Wireless and wired network troubleshooting (workgroup, domain, server)

3/2003 - 10/2004

Technical Support Agent


Troubleshoot dialup and DSL modem connectivity in operating systems such as Win95 – XP and Mac 6 - 10. Assessed error messages and provided solutions for users mail programs. Provided answers on customers' billing status and resolved billing issues. Provided HTML support on customers' hosting accounts.

1/2002 - 1/2003

Customer Support Trainer

GoDaddy Software

Started at GoDaddy as a Tech support Rep and 3 months later was promoted to supervisor where my duties were to manage, motivate and lead a support team of 5 employees. Inform customers of products and services, Register domain names, set up customer accounts and perform purchases for customers. Provide html support on customers' hosting accounts, troubleshoot issues with nameservers using NSLOOKUP and provide insight to customers on legal issues with domain registrations and transfers. Handle all team tech escalations, provide support to customers who need resolution at a supervisory level and perform customer retention by ensuring excellence in customer support. After 4 months as a supervisor I was promoted to Customer Support Trainer. In this position my responsibilities include performing weekly training classes for all new hires on the intricacies of domains, DNS, website hosting/HTML overview, how the internet works and using the GoDaddy systems to pull up accounts. The role also requires maintaining all temporary and permanent employee time in the time management software(TA100), keeping the intranet web page updated with new information as needed and developing content(web pages) for current employee training.

5/2005 - 5/2001

Training Specialist

Yosemite Concession Services Corporation

Developed, facilitated and conducted semi-weekly training sessions to inform all new employees about the parks history and partners, hospitality industry standards, and company policies/procedures. I created videos for the use of introducing OSHA standards to new employees. Developed, facilitated and conducted several training sessions for the companies’ management staff, with topics including: basic computer knowledge, Windows95 and Excel. I created PowerPoint presentations for executive meetings and management training sessions. I set-up audio/video equipment for company events and filled in as inter-office technical support when IT was unavailable. Managed company training database of 1500+ employees. Handled purchase requests, vendor communication and receiving.

8/1999 - 4/2004

Customer Service Coordinator

Charter Pipeline / High Speed Access Corporation

In August of 1999 I started as sales agent, generated sales and handled sales calls from the telemarketing group. Scheduled new installations, resolved technical issues, created new customer accounts through nightly telemarketing, managed employees for a sales kiosk in local malls, took on creating a marketing strategy, created ads for local radio and TV markets as well as developed other creative marketing plans. Designed and presented sales course for Charter Communications customer service representatives and provided demos for customer educational purposes. Received key employee recognition on 90-day review. In December 1999 I received a promotion to Customer Service Coordinator. Position was created to take the responsibility of scheduling away from the sales team. I was the local liaison for customers to national billing department and to national helpdesk. Also acted as ‘quick fix man’, helped customers on an as needed immediate-type basis. Performed installation upon shortage of technicians, acted as inter-office client side technician. Worked closely with sales staff and technical operations to Schedule new installations, process all terminations, resolve billing issues, schedule trouble technician requests, and kept customers happy!

4/1998 - 12/1998

Office Manager

National Financial Services

Responsible for taking cash payments in office, monthly billing cycle mail-outs, sent certified collection notices and issued garnishments. Responsible for basic office open/close duties. Also performed after-hours collection calls and collection visits.

1/1998 - 12/1998

Technical Support

Extended Technologies / Neil Corporation / AVEDA

Along with a team of 10 others was responsible for customer installation and maintenance of SalonBiz software roll out Globally. Managed high volume of daily calls, troubleshot and answered technical questions via nationwide modem link (PC- Anywhere) with AVEDA Salons. Responsible for general customer service and beta testing, proactive about becoming the Project manager for the company Web site, redesigned the existing site, analyzed the internal client’s needs and goals, determined what technology to implement, documented the design with screen shots, developed a flow chart and a functional specification. Worked closely and constantly with the internal team to fully develop the requirements of the project.

Volunteer and Community Efforts

2/2018 - 2/2020

Elected Two Year Term Board Member, Website and Advertising Chair

American Massage Therapy Association Florida Chapter

As Board member and volunteer duties include participating in AMTA Florida board meetings as a voting board member, attending Florida State Board of Massage Therapy meetings, Hosting CEU classes and member meetings. Started Chapter Podcast to report current events on chapter goings on to the membership in a more meaningful & interactive way.

5/2017 - 2/2018

Appointed interim Board Member, Website and Advertising Chair

American Massage Therapy Association Florida Chapter

As Board member of the Tulane University of New Orleans Media Internship Advisory Board provided industry guidance to university professors on current status of the Interactive Media Advertising and Software development Industries. Assisted in review of syllabus for teachers who requested information.

8/2006 - 2/2007

Business Community Educator

Tech Assist Louisiana

Via a Non-profit grant provided for Technology Education to business owners in Louisiana created a syllabus and taught a class 30 business owners on how to create and maintain their own web presence. The class took place over the course over SIX weeks and met once a week for 2hours.



Aveda South Institute / Aesthetics / Estiology


Blue Cliff College / Massage Therapy

2002 - 2004

University of Advancing Computer Technology / Software Engineering Internet Development

1995 - 1996

Northwestern State University / Communications


7/1995 - 5/1996

Disc Jockey/Manager of Jazz and Blues Department

KNWD, Northwestern State University

Natchitoches, Louisiana

Created and managed the Jazz and Blues department. Started the live local band show, created liners, PSA’s, and other miscellaneous productions. Hosted 3 live air shifts weekly, including the preparation and delivery of my own news broadcast.

8/1994 - 5/1995


St. Tammany Community Access Channel

Covington, Louisiana

Responsible for video taping and editing all community and government functions.

5/1994 - 8/1994

Summer Intern

Verbum, Inc

San Diego, California

Assisted desktop publishing department in managing an extensive customer database managed company calendar, handled all customer and vendor correspondence, sent monthly mailings, and general office open/close duties.

5/1993 - 8/1993

Games Tester

Compton’s NewMedia and GTE Interactive Media

San Diego, California

Tested games and software in a formal testing department, tracked bugs, provided feedback to development on usability, functionality, stability; Communicated with management testing regarding status.

Massage Skills

Deep Tissue Massage 8/10
Swedish Massage 7/10
NMT 9/10
Active Isolated Stretching 8/10
Full Body Scrubs 9/10
Reflexology 5/10
Hot Stone Massage 9/10
Total Body Balancing 8/10
Chair Massage 10/10
Body Wraps 10/10
Shiatsu 4/10
Hydrotherapy 10/10
Sports Massage 9/10
Subtle Body Energy 8/10

Software and Technology

Hosting technologies

PHP, MySQL, CPanel, Parallels, WHM, FTP, SFTP, SSH, Linux, Ubntu

Project Management

Basecamp, Freshbooks, Slack, Trello

Web Development software

Dreamweaver, WordPress, Notepad

Web Development Methods

CSS, XHTML, HTML, jQuery, Javascript

Design software

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition

Office software

Word, Excel , PowerPoint, Outlook Express, FrontPage, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Chrome, Firefox, FilemakerPro, PeopleSoft, PC-Anywhere, LogMeIn, Zoom, WebEx, TA100, GroupWise, LeasePak

Familiar operating systems

Mac OS’s 6-10, DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP, Win Vista, Win 8, Win 10, Linux (ubuntu)

Additional Skills

Tech Support 10/10
Internet Marketing 8/10
Business Networking & Local Development 10/10
Management & Supervision 7/10
Customer Service 10/10
Bookkeeping 5/10
Public Relations 7/10
Human Resources 8/10
Employee Training and Development 10/10

LMT Classes, Certifications & CEUs


Nathalie Cecilia

Orlando / AMTA State Meeting

Bamboo Fusion - 6 CEU hours


Bruce Baltz

FSMTA class in West Palm Beach, FL

Cold Stone Therapy – 2 LECTURE CEU Hours


Colorado Board of Massage Therapy

Additional Licensed Massage Therapist Certification in Colorado


Pete Pfannerstill

Hosted class in Destin, FL

Myofascial Sports – 16 LIVE CEU Hours


Bruce Baltz

FSMTA class in Pensacaola, FL

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) – 2 LECTURE CEU Hours


at National AMTA 2018 Conference

Washington DC

In Safe Hands a Fibromyalgia Primer - 2 LECTURE CEU Hours


at National AMTA 2018 Conference

Washington DC

Thai Table Essentials – 4 LIVE CEU hours


at National AMTA 2018 Conference

Washington DC

AMTA 2018 Chapter Leadership training – Topics include leading and inspiring AMTA chapter volunteers to success.


The Art of Customer Service

The Art of Customer Service


Bruce Baltz


6hrs of Video Instruction from Bruce Baltz on Active Isolated Stretching


Jack Ryan

Hosted class for the AMTA by D'Ambrogio Institute in West Palm Beach

Total Body Balancing


at National AMTA 2017 Conference

Pasadena, Ca

AMTA 2017 Chapter Leadership training - – Topics include leading and inspiring AMTA chapter volunteers to success.


Blue Cliff College

First Aid, CPR


Sunny Robichaux

Mandeville, la

Reiki Level I, II