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Why you should not hire a logo designer…

September 9, 2019, by energy0m, category Emails to Clients

WARNING: To Logo Designers and Creatives that are “Turned off” by this process. I’m sorry… the reason that I use this method is that I have found it to be more creative, produce 10x more of the quantity of results needed to “Brainstorm a logo” with multiple and many options and still includes creative people in the process, a whole crowd of them in fact and in most cases if you have a creative person leading the campaign the results are that much more defining just like you had a TEAM of 30 creatives or more all working on your logo project.

If your complaint is “but this is like hiring a company to do the work that I do” you are almost right but you are still wrong. This is more like hiring an entire HIVE of worker bees to help complete your project at hand with your specific direction.

The QUALITY AND THE QUANTITY CANT BE BEAT IMHO FOR THE PRICE RANGE OFFERED. More than anything you can specify a set of vector files, ask for a business card to be developed as part of the project and even have a readable brand style sheet detailing the pantone colors and the logos use in multiple formats, an in-valuable brand tool going forward…. without further ado here is my post, Marc B Juneau, Consultant

I also wanted to explain a little bit of  how I do logo design. I don’t! I used to do logo projects all the time but I have come up with a way that is much more effective, efficient and economical. I have seen companies spend literally tens of thousands of dollars on logo design when that is simply no longer necessary.

Enter, Crowdspring. utilizes the concept of “CrowdSourcing” for having the logo created. 

Old method of logo projects: Having ONE designer perform a logo project with the expectation that that one person is to come up with (like a psychic) all the thoughts, dreams and ideas you have had about your vision and then present several if not more completely unique options for you to choose from,  i find it… simply not possible in an efficient manner. 

New Method of Logo Projects: I help you describe your logos intent is, what the business is, what you want to convey in the logo and the specific formats needed as the final assets. A Prize amount is set and Crowdspring listing fee assessed (typically a general total on this will come to around $300-800 depending on some different options which can be selected for the project). Once paid the project timeline of two weeks is set wherein MANY designers can propose their logo concepts to you, you can comment on and rate each design and at the end of the timeline you will pick a winner who we will work with for another 4 days to make final changes and close the logo project wherein the winner is paid the award amount you set.

The higher award amount the more designers that will submit and the higher quality of designers you will receive. The minimum number of designers I have seen on one project is 30 and the minimum submissions I have seen on one project is about 75. Even at the minimum this is way more submissions you would ever receive from one designer. Having this many options too choose from is far better for the brain storming and creative process than having one designer!!

I have undergone this process for over a dozen clients successfully take a look at some of our previous crowdspring projects:

  1. Aviation Company Logo Project
  2. Pureland Organic Products Logo Project
  3. Block and Briar logo Project
  4. The Glorioso law Firm Logo Project
  5. Mardi Gras Insurance Logo and Business Card Project
  6. Black Iron Pot Records Logo Project
  7. Graci Hart Electric Logo Project
  8. Temp-Coat Logo project
  9. Protac Fitness Logo and Business Card

In the estimate I am going to include budget for this but i wanted to be clear on our intent of how we do logos since it is something external that is being managed by us instead of directly done by us. That being said this is the only thing like that within this project. All other work is done by me and my team directly. 

Additionally and most important at the end of the logo project one of the nicer assets you will receive will be a logo proof sheet of which you can see an example attached.

So, what do you think ?