Marc Juneau, LMT

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Marc Juneau

Hi, my name is Marc Juneau and I am a passionate WordPress Web Developer aMassage Therapist and a seeker of adventure !

Current Location: Whidbey Island, Washington

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Current Jobs/Companies Started in Langley, Washington on Whidbey Island:
The Langley Chamber of Commerce
I have served as Board Member / Vice President of the American Massage Therapy Association Florida & Colorado Chapters

My former career was in New Orleans where I ran NOLAGraphics, a New Orleans Web Development Agency.
In 2022 I had the most untraditional year on the road / on tour that changed my life forever.

I lived on-site, worked at and traveled thru the seasons to the Colorado Renaissance Faire, Pittsburgh Renaissance Faire, Texas Renaissance Faire and the Louisiana Renaissance Faire.

I Spent the year on tour traveling and working at different Renaissance Faire's around the country studying the operations from the inside learning about how large scale events (as many as 80,000 patrons perday) run . All while being surrounded by the most amazing talented crowd of awesome people to travel cross country with and work together. My road family includes professional faeries, elves, mermaids, fire jugglers, clowns, vikings, bard musicians, storytellers and much more that create performance magic for others to enjoy daily.

I worked for Site Crew, Food and Beverage, Entertainment and even Managed a Staff Support kitchen supporting a community of over 2000 employees that work at the Texas Renaissance Faire.

Current & Licensed Massage Therapist in Washington & Colorado
WA LMT License # MA61414110
CO LMT License #MT.0022170
FL LMT License #MA85968 (exp)
LA LMT License #LA9127 (exp)